About History 1776

History1776.com brings a series of seven historical novels about British subjects discovering they had become Americans.

It is a hefty mug of colonial intrigue brimming with sex, scandal, spies, and soldiers. Beginning with Snug Harbor Tavern: Shaggin’ for a Shillin’, you find scheming and conspiracies among spies and assassins creating chaos in Boston in the Colony of Massachusetts Bay. The British Crown persists in stoking the fires of rebellion with endless tyrannical decrees, beginning with the Stamp Act.

In subsequent novels, the reader finds they are mired in the Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party, the battles at Lexington and Concord, and finally the battle on Bunker Hill. The disastrous impact is personal for every American colonist. Once again, the heart of this saga lies in the bosom of the common man-candlemakers, printers, sailors, soldiers, silversmiths, trollops, bartenders, ropemakers, merchants, doctors, and drunks. Ultimately, you find yourselves sitting in Independence Hall and the City Tavern in Philadelphia, where John Hancock, as president, ushers you through the hate and discontent of debate between loyalists and patriots. Ultimately, our Founding Fathers find a Declaration of Independence is the answer.

Travel back in time as you once again settle back near the hearth in the Snug Harbor Tavern taproom with a mug of hot buttered rum or dark ale. You now witness the first staged bloody battles for American independence and creation of our United States of America. This is their story...and ours.


The Novels authored by William E. Johnson include, "Snug Harbor Tavern," "The Seeds of Love...and War," "Tea and Tyranny" and "Tyranny and Defiance."

"The author presents a rich, albeit fictional perspective of the earliest events leading to the American Revolution. If you like your history dry, don't bother. But if you really wonder what it may have been like to live through those times & turmoil, check this book out. It shows the early U.S. history as anything but cut & dried. It makes you wonder what you may have thought and felt as you lived through it, and why."


Snug Harbor Tavern: Still Shaggin' for a Shillin'

"Mr. Johnson has written yet another wonderful story about the American Revolution. Anyone who wants a story that is both enjoyable and full of historical facts from our country's Revolutionary War Era should read this book. You will not be disappointed. I am anxiously awaiting the release of Mr. Johnson's next book."


Snug Harbor Tavern: Still Shaggin' for a Shillin'

"You will swear you have time travelled back to the era of the American Revolution. William E. Johnson quite literally transforms himself into one of the most important American historical figures, John Hancock. Everything about his presentation is spot on, from his impeccable character appearance, his exceptional knowledge of American History all the way to his warm and inviting delivery of acting. It is not only an outstanding educational experience, but a very entertaining one as well."


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